Exclusive: Riding the Rhythms of Jamaica's High Country


Nov 30, 2012
I was staring into the first hairpin of Pressure Drop. The trail disappeared mere feet beneath us before reemerging as a sliver of dirt on a distant hill far below. One by one we dropped in, pinning it to the next ridge and beyond, dropping back below the tree line. Somewhere in the shade of the canopy, as the trail coiled through thick stands of trees and over gnarled webs of roots, Pressure Drop became the famed Carlton Pass. Gaining speed here was easy, scrubbing it wasn't always, and several riders failed to keep things rubber-side down.

Exclusive: Riding the Rhythms of Jamaica's High Country


May 2, 2005
I just had a rush up my spine thinking how this amazing article describes the life I lead every year in Robin's Bay jamaica. Discovering River-Lodge was life changing for me in many ways 8 years ago as I felt like my long journey in Jamaica came to the end of the trail, where I wanted to be. 7 miles off the road and then 2 dirt tracks and finally one......That is where I am located....at the end of the trail. I almost hate sharing these facts as I love the place and the isolation.
I will be cutting and grooming the local SMORBA trails with Sanchez next week. Along with his new pedals, RP23 and other crap I'll be sharing all the bike love tghrown his way this week on line. Can't put into words of any kind of apreci-love Don. except Rusty's old saying.............2wheels1lovemon
Marshall......aka madmantours