Explaining Religious Psychosis

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i heart mac
Apr 15, 2002
Before the zealots convinced America to forget their Heritage/Forefathers/Constitution:


This is a beautiful and profound relic of American history.

A U.S. penny, depicting Lady Liberty and dated 1792, which, according to CNN, recently sold for nearly $1.2 million, is embossed not with “In God We Trust”—that didn’t appear on U.S. coins till 1864—but with “Liberty Parent of Science & Industry.”

Who was responsible for this national heresy? “Thomas Jefferson and George Washington discussed the design in letters dated August 1792, before it was presented to Congress as an option for the new coin.”

This is yet another indication of how secular and progress-oriented the Founders were—and of the fact that the United States is not and never was a Christian nation.

Here’s to the real Lady Liberty—and to a future fashioned her way.
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sled dog's bollocks
Jan 14, 2002
You found Noah's Ark, congratulations!

Once again, the most bat-shit-crazy people are elected to represent the fine people of Looseyana.

Email address, in case you want to congratulate him for finding the Ark (I did): milkovichj@legis.la.gov


Part of the unwashed, middle-American horde
Jul 26, 2006
Hey fellas, blame my RM sabbatical on my retarded job...........

But anyway, I's back.........I hope you've been keeping the PAWN squared away in my absence??
We had a stupid come in hot, but used our biblical education from you to shut him down pretty hard. Heathens using the book (in it's proper, positive belief system) to shut down a bigot.


sled dog's bollocks
Jan 14, 2002
I know the site, I just had higher expectations. I know that god is alive and well on Facebook and has even said that it's totally ok to get gay-married. I was just hoping that he was referencing a real event.