extra thick fork bumpers?


Mar 5, 2007
i have an 04 dh team with a rockshox boxxer on it. the problem is the bumpers that come from rock shox or any other company that fit this fork, are not thick enough to keep the crown from hitting the frame. it is the xtra tall upper crown that hits.

and changing the crown is not an option, it is the only one that fits the bike. does anyone know of any extra thick bumpers?


Yoshinoya Destroyer
Jan 20, 2007
Hills of Paradise
Cut up an old tire, preferably one with beefy knobs. I used an old OEM super hard compound tire off of an extremely cheap bike. 6 inches should be enough. Zip tie it so that the "new stanchon/frame protector" extends over the end of the crown. My boxxer wth the tall crown has the same problem. This worked for me.

Other option is to glue a big chunk of rubber on the end of the crown. Good luck.