Falling from the sky...


Turbo Monkey
Jan 6, 2003
In the hills around Seattle
So me and Snacks are toodling around St. ed's.
We are just getting moving again when something hits the ground in the middle of the trail about 10 feet from us. It landed with a pretty good thud.
Took my mind a moment to grasp that it was a squirel and it wasn't moving much. I looked up to see where it might have come from but none of the branches above were moving?
I got a few steps closer and with its one good leg it started kicking real bad. I wasn't sure if it was trying to get away, or if it was just spazing out? Either way it wasn't getting anywhere.
Obviously this thing was done for as the only part of its body that was moving was that one leg.
So what is my responsibility here? I felt like I should have put it out of its misery. Snacks thought we should let it be and let it die a "natural" death. She was also pretty insistent that we get the hell out of there. It was a little spooky with the trees rustling slightly and it just starting to get dark and squirels falling from the sky and what-not.
Snacks take was that it was a squirel that was dying up in a tree anyway and that it just lost its ability to hold on.
I prefer to think it went for one last tree gap and came up ever so short.
Either way, we got the hell out of there.....


Turbo Monkey
Feb 20, 2003
Oh please! This is what you do after I go to sleep :p

Dude, the squirrel was already dying when it fell. I mean how many times have you seen a squirrel leap and miss? When it was falling it was like a sack of flour, no movement or anything :dead:

R.I.P little buddy :)


Jul 17, 2003
east of Seattle
about a week ago i was driving to work and a car about 3 lanes to the right of me and about 100 meters ahead hits a deer. i see it trying to stand in the middle of I90 and the rest of the eastside commuter cars were zipping past. of course there was no way for me to be the one to stop and interject, but seeing it soo helpless and i did nothing was painfull as hell. then i thought, even if i could pull over and stand in the middle of the morning rush to help up the deer, what am i going to do? and why am i so special that i would know what was right for the broken deer in the middle of 90.

just because it was a sad situation and i have a great passion for animals, doesn't mean i should try to fix certain crosses of fate. who am i to make a decision on behalf of the deer when i'm only trying to ease my own head?

i can argue the opposite too.

sorry Keven that you looked at the sad end of life last night.


Mar 22, 2005
Kelso, WA
didntcha no iz huntin season foo! i blasted that little basterd wit my scattergun soez i coulda cookum up fo dinna. cupple o dem crazy mountain bikers dun scairt meoff causn yo aint posed to be huntin close to da trails in st. eds... :nope: