Fann...err, Hip packs


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Jan 9, 2004
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Just to join the chorus here, I've got a V1 L.A. pack which has been great for a bunch of long mountain rides--no issues even with rough descents or longer rides. I really like it. My wifey got the V2 which is an upgrade in materials and zippers and she loves it as well esp for supplies now our kids are both riding and need to eat every 30 minutes.
I just got the V2 and its fantastic (albeit I don't have any previous experience with pannus packs). I can put 3 packs of smokes in it, plus 2 talls of Olde E. Big props to @marshalolson !


Mar 3, 2020
I've got a LA v2 on the way. I'll do a comparison vs. a CamelBak Podium and Evoc Hip Pack Pro after I get some uses on it next weekend.

What I was looking for was something super light that carries 2 bottles, a tool roll, cell phone, wallet, keys, a bar, and some gummies. Most of my rides I do with 1x 24oz bottle, keep my phone in my pocket, and have an EDC on my bike. But on 3-4 hour rides that I drive to, especially in the CA summer, I need 1-2 more bottles, and like to have a basic tool roll with stuff not covered by the EDC.

The Podium is nice and light, but can only do 1 bottle, and requires me to keep the phone in my shorts if I'm cramming in the tool roll, wallet, and keys, and then doesn't have room for snacks. The waist belt loosens up frequently, and I find myself tightening it up before each descent. Still, it's pretty minimal, and I don't really notice it once I start descending.

The Evoc carries everything easily, but it's fairly heavy and overbuilt. The waist belt is very secure, but I don't really like wearing a girdle for 4+ hours. When used with the 1.5 L bladder, I feel like it's a bit too much pressure on my stomach. With 2 bottles and everything else, it just feels kinda wide and heavy. I'm sure I'm being a bit of a princess with regard to this due to almost never wearing a pack, but it just feels weird to ride aggressively with. I really don't need all the capacity of the Evoc (it never rains here for example, so don't need to carry a rain shell). The LA looks much narrower and lighter.

I previously owned the Bontrager Rapid that gets good reviews, and didn't like how the 1 bottle was centered over my spine. That made me nervous about crashes. I did like the stretchy pockets, which is one thing that was attractive about the LA one.