Fat Daddy

Kanter said:
Looks like VP????
This design is classified as VPP.

This is verified by the fact that the two links rotate in opposite directions(clockwise/counter clockwise), therefore resulting in an "S-Shaped" axle-path.

This is, as opposed to designs like the Iron-horse sundays/ Giant meistros, Which are not classified, b/c the links are rotateing in the same direction, therefore resulting in a slightly manipulated, but regular arching axle-path! :thumb:


Celebrating No-Pants Day
Aug 25, 2003
In my pants
zedro said:
everyone knows the irony that americans of all people hate freedom the most.....
My goodness.........whatever do you mean?? :confused: ;)

Get ready.......turners are about to make black market history in canadia.....which side will you be on????. American men in spandex are crying everywhere tonight.


Jun 20, 2004
San Diego
I thought only frenchmen wore spandex. Zedro, you can build any type of bike you want. Me and my boys will protect you for a small piece of the action.