Favorite feature you've ever built


Jan 4, 2013
I want to see it. your favorite single feature you have ever built. Note: I said favorite feature... not biggest or coolest, but your personal favorite. It can be your favorite because its small, fun, easy, huge, ya know. I just want to see what you guys like to ride, and what you build.

Rules: No more than 1 feature. Don't post 2, or three, or a full trail, just 1 feature. You can post 1 feature that is your favorite.

Pictures are better, but if you don't got a pic, i guess you can try to explain it, or draw it in paint or something. Get creative.

P.S. It could be a berm you built that's buttery smooth, a fun rock garden section (small sections please), wallrides, roller section/whoops... You aren't limited to jumps. What have you built, that after you ride it you think "that was soo much fun! So glad I built that!"

Heres mine:
My favorite feature I've ever built is probably this Canal Gap. I threw it into a short stunt run a friend and I built. I showed up early one day, and built the takeoff without asking my bud, he showed up, loved it, so we built the landing together. We had to move two massive boulders uphill about 20 feet, and cover them with dirt to make the landing a little bit bigger.

It's not big, like 12 feet across, and about a 3 foot drop, but it's really mellow, easy to hit, and just fun. I could session this thing all day.

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Trail Ninja

Jan 4, 2013
Vancouver Island
I couldn't find a picture of it.

My favorite feature is an 18' long log on the side of the trail. Only about 6" in diameter. I buried it half way and flattened the top to about 3" wide. So far you're thinking: "so what? a 3" wide skinny, 2" off the ground"

Ah! I teach children, some as young as 5 years old, how to ride mountain bikes. This is a no consequence feature that even the most timid rider will try. They don't make it a lot, but eventually almost every kid will clean this feature.

Then I show them the one that's 2 feet off the ground and 4" wide. I explain that they can already ride a skinnier one....


Most of the kids will try this one with absolute confidence.


Jul 9, 2004
Wolfville NS
This is hard. Been building so long how can one choose!

I'll go with this drop for the moment. It's just so darn smooth and at the end of one sweet DH run. What a great way to finish off a lap!



Mama Monkey
Oct 30, 2003
Dancin' over rocks n' roots!
that's a tough one...but I would have to say my favorite feature is one that my husband and I built (a bridge) on one of the oldest trails in our system and it really adds to the flow of this particular section (used to go down the steep rock at one end and into slop/mud/etc. before a nice natural rock drop/feature (called "broken wrist"). The bridge comes off of the rock roller and is about 3' high and maybe 18" wide at it's narrowest (starts and ends wider). The tricky part is that you have to go between two narrow, offset trees and it's visually crazy!

I know I have a picture of it at home so I'll have to add it later (site's blocked here at work).


Nacho Libre
Mar 16, 2004
Hard to say what my favorite feature is - but lately I've been enjoying this little section of trail. Theres a bonzai chute to pop up and then another chute that sends you into a little rollercoaster and if you've got the speed a little 12ft kicker to launch

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