Favourite riding destination?..this is mine!!

Ride at home or away?

  • Abroad dude, i'm international baby!

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  • No way, home is where the trails are sickest!

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Jun 8, 2010
Planet earth
Hey i'm kinda new..but i wanted to contribute a thread/discussion :)

Me and some mates went riding in bolivia about 18 months ago and it was SICK. seriously. The sky is huge there and the views go on for ever.(maybe the tourist board should hire me! haha..)

There was a embedded video in an online mag i read that showed some awesome POV filming of Bolivian trails, its not the exact place we all went to but it is very similar looking!

Check it out (ya'll gotta hit 'play me' bottom left corner of page): http://www.imbikemag.com/issue5/?page=31

So what is your best place/country you've been riding?? lets see if we can get a good list going...include vids and pics too! so we can get a real feel for it! :thumb: