Finally registered for the draft


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Mar 19, 2002
Claremont, CA
you would probably have to wait a while

On selective service:
"but the bare fact is that they [high school students] are obliged by the state's power to offer lives for its own diversionary ceremony, just as were the ancient Egyptian slaves. If there is anything new in all this, it is that the young are beginning to understand what is really happening."
i dont think i ever did actually register (unless my parents did unbeknownst to me but i REALLY doubt that). then again they woudlnt ahve woanted me. already had knee surgery once by then, ankles were shot, knees naturally go backwards, and i had a heart murmur when i was young that closed up wheni was 5....so no real need. i would have been a desk jockey at best


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Jan 24, 2004
Sometimes it will automatically sign you up and they just send you a postcard notifying you of such...thats what they did to me, anyway.


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May 2, 2002
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There is no draft, yet.

My understanding ( I have two sons) is that it's a $250,000 fine if they catch you not registering, not sure how they'd catch you. Based on how IRS objections work - I'm guessing you'd be ok if you got an exemption on file, not if you just don't sign up.

There is still the option of CO Conscientious Objector status, which you can claim on religious and moral grounds. You don't have to be a specific religion, but you have to show and prove a life of non-violent beleif. I can guarantee you, if you've ever played even a single video game with a single weapon in it, you won't have the grounds. My brother was not allowed to play with guns or anything violent as a kid, and he was able to get CO status for vietnam and did 4 years of alternate service. This is before video games, ancient times.