Finally some pics of the BMX, check it out

Aug 22, 2004
So I got a DK cleveland over christmas and have since become slightly obsessed. It was my first 20" and until I physically can't ride one anymore I must say I'm never going back. I go to school in Boston so I ride exclusively street, although we have a sweet park thats gonna be ready by early 2009 along with a dj line that I'm super pumped for.

But anyway the stock build was nice, especially for the price, but I recently replaced the rear wheel, tire, chainwheel, pedals and grips. The old wheel was locking up terribly and I decided to go way beyond my skill level and get the profile, oh well.

I've been trying to ride on a daily basis but have yet to get any ride shots, we dont really shoot much (as in once since the fall). If I get any I'll add um up sometime.


frame: DK Cleveland
fork: DK
bars: DK cut to 25.5"
stem: DK
grips: rediculous gusset green
seat/post: DK
cranks: DK
pedals: odyssey plastics (amazing and bang for your buck)
chainwheel: profile 25t antifreeze green with profile half bash
front wheel: 36h pbr on DK hub with lame stock kenda tire
rear wheel: 36h hazard lite on gold profile hub with odyssey plyte tire and 9t driver


Feb 3, 2008
Thats so cool. I love the color of the frame and the green combo. it ties up pretty good.

Idk but I don't really think you need a bashgaurd with sich a small chainring. Unless you are doing huge sprocket grinds or epic feeble grinds.

Also might want to tighten up your chain. Otherwise all it good.
Aug 22, 2004
I have a bad habit of managing to slam my chainring into random stuff, actually the bash already is showing some wear and it hasn't been one there more than 3 days, glad its not my chain/chainring.

I noticed my chain tension in the pics too but it feels fine. Guess I won't be saying that when it slips and my stem annihilates one of my knees...


Apr 13, 2007
one world...
yet another really clean bmx! I like the gunmetal color w/ the antifreeze.

and yeah, I tried blacking out the red dot on the twisty ends too, but it doesn't last very long, haha.