Finding a hub that fits my actual spokes


Nov 3, 2014
Hi everyone,

I'm building up a DJ bike from an old city bike wich no one is using anymore.
The hub (On the rear) has no mounts to fix a brake rotor. And my rims are not suited for rim brakes.
I would like to buy a hub where it's possible to mount a brake rotor and where i can keep my current spokes.

Does anyone know if theres is a way or a website where you can calculate wich hub is needed ?

btw, my spokes are a little too long right now so if the hub is a little smaller there would be no problem.

Cheers & ride on !


Jun 11, 2009
East Bay, Cali
Most people do it the other way around. Pick a hub and then buy spokes to fit. Spokes are usually not expensive compared to the hub and can even be cut (sometimes) to fit a hub. The price difference between models and brands of hubs is more than the cost of some spokes.

Additionally you're going to have to re-lace the wheel either way so why not throw on new spokes.