Finding Stuff While Riding


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Jun 4, 2006
I have no idea where I am
I got caught out after dark at some local trails without a light, by myself.

To get home I had 6 miles of paved greenway that went past some projects, and there is no light in this section.

I figured the best thing to do would be to ride as fast as I could. At an almost sprint, I would pretty much take out anyone who would try to jump me.

I saw something "sitting" on the path but could not quite make it out. I was sure it was some thug with a 40 and a hand gun waiting to mug somebody.

When I got close enough I could tell what was going on. It was a couple fvckin right in the middle of a paved greenway. When I flew past them the woman yelled out "Oh mah gawd". I was so stunned that, for once I had nothing smartassed to say.


Plastic Santa
Jan 6, 2005
Found an active cell phone on the Greenbelt today. 13 messages from "Me". Called "Me" and he answered all relaxed: "Did you find my cell phone?"

Tried to meet him further down the Greenbelt by his house and he never showed and his cell died right as I was leaving him a message on his home phone with my number.

He calls later wanting to pick it tomorrow as I work in Scottsdale, a few miles from his house. Even though he has a Corvette dealership, etc. in his contacts, he'll get the phone back from Santa for free.

That's how I roll.


May 19, 2008
Northern Bay Area
Found an awesome pair of aviator glasses

found my digital camera (no joke)

several wallets with money in them (guess)

an iPod (it was in a puddle and broken, so I left it)

Car brake pads (that was strange) and some length down the same road, the rim & brake rotor. I think the caliper was in a bush.

other than that, not much.


May 8, 2003
Simi Valley, CA
Riding a trail in Chatsworth a few years ago we found two young guys setting up a camcorder on a tripod under some trees. They looked pretty surprised to see us, and obviously didn't realize there was a bike trail going right through their amatuer gay shoot.

(For those who don't know, Chatsworth and Canoga Park CA is the porn industry capital of the US, maybe the world.)


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Jul 9, 2002
Jimtown, CO
porn, water bottles, reflectors, the usual. Once while hiking I found a Nikon n70 & I didn't feel the need to post a 1600x1200 pic of it. :D


Dec 20, 2001
went for my first ride last week since moving to thunder bay and ran across some fresh rock blasting to clear the trail. they had blown right through a big arse amethyst vein, so i hiked back up there yesterday and grabbed a bunch. pretty stuff...cleans up nice too.