Fire X crank removal


Turbo Monkey
Jan 20, 2008
Methuen, Mass. U.S.A.
decided to change out a Fire x for a shimano xt set. left the bike at the shop and one of the other guys decided to try to remove the crank for me without my permission. he had no idea what the f he was doing and ended up stripping the extracting bolt so I'm looking for suggestions on how to get the non drive side off. looks like the threads on the crank arm are ok, so I'm hoping sram sells these bolts so I can replace it.


Jan 2, 2012
Gloucester, MA
How many times do I have to tell you, drop the bike off to me in Beverly and I will fix for you! I have to call Sram Monday to get new chain rings for a customers X-9 Crank so just bring the bike in and I will get the bolt for your non drive side crank arms or I might even have one kicking around in spare parts.

What I like to call the " The Magic Bins" where I always seem to find the thing I am looking for, its like the junk drawer of any bike shop.