First Ride: Devinci's new Carbon Dixon

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    Jun 26, 2009
    Devinci has jumped into the carbon game in a big way. We'll have more to show you on their full line of carbon bikes tomorrow once the Interbike show floor opens up, but until then check out Brice's first impressions of the new Dixon AM rig.

    Courtesy of Bike Magazine
    By Brice Minnigh
    Photos by Dan Barham

    The 2012 Devinci Dixon was one of our favorite bikes of the year, and we’ve spent countless hours shredding on the Dixon’s original aluminum incarnation over the past two years. We’ve often described the Dixon as an all-mountain machine for riders with DH dispositions, and probably the only nitpick our editors had with the aluminum version was that it was a tad hefty.


    Check out the rest of Brice's thoughts for more on the Dixon, and more great photos from Dan Barham.


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