First ride of 2008

DiRt DeViL

Feb 6, 2005
There was an invitation to ride the Salinas course but we decided to ride La Cuchilla instead.

On the way to Aibonito the fog was heavy (for our standards).

Made it to the meeting point, another rider arrived and noticed that Abin and Edwin arrived to get some ice. I asked them to where they were heading and they told me Salinas. Explained that the course was outgrown and invited them to tag along with us and so they did.

Arrived at La Cuchilla, started to get ready and the rest of the group arrived.

Abin offered to do the lift for the day.

On the last climb to the trail head the truck started to make a weird noise, we thought is was due to the heavy load and to avoid any damage all passengers were unloaded. The bikes arrived by truck, we walked our way to the top.

Took a breather and got ready for the ride down.

About a quarter into the run we stopped and organized a clinic for the kids and newbs.

Enough talking, let's see some action shots.

We did 4 runs and up to the third the fall tally was low, on the last run all hell broke loose and all the riders crashed at least once.

It was a nice day enjoyed with a great group of people and can't wait to do it again.