First Ride: Scott Genius 900

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    Jun 26, 2009
    Outerbike is usually known for insanely hot temperatures, dry trails, flat tires, and little cacti. In this post, however, you'll find a rare gem of the outdoor show, a new bike! Enjoy Vernon's perspective on the new Scott Genius 900.

    Courtesy of Bike Magazine
    By Vernon Felton
    Photos by Dan Barham

    The 2013 Genius line represents a serious departure from the Scott models of yore that bore that same name. Not only has the entire frame design changed, Scott has also purged the Genius line of 26-inch wheels entirely.

    For 2013, the Genius comes in a variety of both 27.5 (700) and 29er (900) models. Ryan LaBar wrote about the new Genius line for bikemag.com already, but I decided to give the bikes a spin myself today. I’d originally intended to ride the 700 and 900 models back to back on the rugged trails of Boulder City, but the 27.5-inch wheel variety were reserved far in advance: I couldn’t, in other words, even get my hands on one. Clearly, 27.5 (650B) is going to be big with consumers next year.

    It took fairly agressive riding to get the Genius 900 to use all 130-millimeters of its travel. I'd like to see an ever-so-slightly more linear spring rate from future generations of the bike, but if your looking for a marathon racer that'll handle more technical terrain, this is a bike that should be on your must-ride list.

    Continue reading here, looks cool!


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