First Timer

Holas! I'm new to the whole ridemonkey thing, although I've been checking it out. This is my first post on here, so I thought it'd be smart to post it here in the beginners section. Hopefully soon I'll get the chance to get a picture of my bike up, show everyone what I sport, (it's not that great, but it gets the job done!). Thanks all! Later!

Serial Midget

Al Bundy
Jun 25, 2002
Fort of Rio Grande
Originally posted by Ridemonkey
Just seeing if you were paying attention :D Really so sensitive all of a sudden?
Yes... actually I was, probably not a good sign. :eek:

Maybe it's time I went looking for gainful employment. I have an unexplained urge to buy $200.00 knickers with a zipper...

Oh and... welcome Danny Yo. :D