Fisher Sizing Help

Deuce Niner

Feb 22, 2008
Big guy here looking for some help on Fisher sizing. My Stats: 6'4", 35" inseam, 250 lbs.

Have narrowed my new bike selections between two Genesis Hardtails (Big Sur/Hoo Koo) and two G2 29ers (Paragon / X Caliber), all Fisher.

My main question is, with my stats, would I be better off on a XL (21") Genesis or a XL (21") G2 29er? One of my only reasons for still considering a standard 26er is due to the better handling factors, but word on the street is the G2 geometry narrows the handling margin between 26ers and 29ers to almost nothing.

From there, its just deciding whether or not I really need all the Paragon / Big Sur has to offer, or if I will be more than happy with the Hoo Koo / X-Caliber.

Your advice/insight is appreciated. :thumbsup:


Oct 17, 2002
I'm almost strictly a roadie these days and the difference between road and mt bikes is too great for me to give specific advice; however, I can say that IF 35" inseam is your real inseam (as opposed to what your pant say), then you have a short inseam for your height, which suggests a longer torso. Just GUESSing.

As such, when you test ride, you might need to make sure your cockpit isn't too cramp if you do have a longer torso and possibly longer arms.

You're posting in the newbie forum, so before you buy, tell us how you plan on using the bike... trails, streets, hills, mountain, dirt, urban, whatever. Is this your very first bike (as in, you don't have any others)?


Turbo Monkey
Oct 17, 2006
The top tube length is much more important than the seat tube height. You can always raise your seatpost, but if the cockpit is too short or too long, you won't be happy.

Size the bike based upon the top tube..