Floating Brakes and DT Hubs, and 06 Rotec Question


Turbo Monkey
Sep 9, 2001
So I have a floating brake on my Rotec. It came with a Ringle Lawwill hub which is basically a 150mm shelled hub with the rotor side spacer removed which in actuality makes it 135mm wide. There is a 2.5mm brass spacer and then the 12.5mm wide Floater setup.

I'd prefer not to use the heavy 36h Ringle and instead use a 150mm DT 340 I have. I've downloaded the 340 Data sheet and I'm thinking that I should be able to easily mill the rotor end of the axle down 12.5mm as well as the bearing spacer and seal.

My other question concerns my Rotec frame. I picked up a new Rotec frame under the impression that it was an 07, but it is in fact an 06 (at least I believe it is since it is the 06 team orange color and because there is that small welded tube at the top link that I don't believe is on the 07 and definately not the 08 model. What are my shock options? I can get pretty much any shock for a decent price. I have seen Roco's and 5th's/Swingers used on the 06. I'd be fine running a Roco, but prefer to have more options. Will a Vivid or anything else fit?
Sep 10, 2001
Hey Inclag,

Sully here, you can lathe Axle (3) and Endcap (1) this has already been done before to allow DT's to be used.

The total axle (3) length should 137mm total.

As for the clearance. you can remove (cut) the center section out, Leaving aprox 60% of the inboard weld.

Make sure your cut is even and straight this way your 8mmx20mm Buttonhead bolt will lay flat when passed thru from the inboard to the cap.

You'll need to purchase another 16mm pivot cap for the otherside
and two bolts then you're golden. Let me know if you needs these and I'll sort you out.

This is the only way to allow a varity of other shocks to fit. Remember the more room you have in between the more clearance you get for other shocks.

07's and pre-production 08's are different as they offered more clearance with similar mods.

08's now have a large 8mmx 15mm threaded boss welded in, so no nut or buttonhead on the inside for way more room and clearance.