floor tile designs???


Tirelessly Awesome
Jan 30, 2003
Lima, Peru, Peru
hello fellow monkeys. its martha stewart time!!!!!!!

i´ve decided i´ll go for porcellanato for my garage floor.

i´ve been thinking about the color.
black is on my mind right now, chessboard is out. but i´ve seen some nice design with tiles on black and ivory. maybe gray/pewter too.
my garage walls are white.

anybody knows where i can see some designs??????????? where i can get some ideas??

i want something nice, but simple with whole tiles. ivory with black trims.. kinda like this floor on the right


Turbo Monkey
Mar 1, 2002
Phoenix, Az USA
i just got the concrete floors in my loft done by these guys. they look awesome. I didnt get any scoring done but you can easily get squares cut in your concrete and different color stains applied to acheive various effects.

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