Fontucky Round 2 Report is up

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Dylan Dean

Oct 12, 2007
southern California
hey guys, been playing around w/ some different techniques, styles & programs to work with the reports & news on the site. I should have it all dialed by the time the bigger races come about & be getting you the reports the day after the event (as well as news & updates during the events). So, feel free to give me some input on anything w/ the site. I'm always open to suggestion.

anyway, here's the Fontucky Rd 2 report on PINNED

i'm still workin on Tara's interview... should be up by the end of the week. tooooons of stuff to type up!

Red Bull

Turbo Monkey
Oct 22, 2004
7. Jason Memmelaar

Good job Jason.
Yay Memmy!

Stoked for Jason. He's been telling me that he's been having a blast out there training. Last time I spoke to him he was heading to the DJ's to ride with JD... He's going to be awfully quick come springtime!

Thanks for the updates JDD! It's nice seeing some recent stuff to wake me from my wintertime slumber here in New England...


Turbo Monkey
Jun 26, 2007
damn no love for other pros? lol everyone loves the Gnarr! ill be stayin at his pad in a week helll yea cant wait.