Fork buy foiled :(


Out of my element
Aug 30, 2002
Deep in the Jungles of Oklahoma
Well I had all the expectations of being able to buy a fork and then BAM a whopper of a fack up falls on me and I cant buy it. Basically I am moving on Sep 1… well the house I was all set to move into, 50% chance it wont be up for rent anymore. It was my buddies house, and he may not be able to move out because he cant close on his new house yet. THe house I was moving in to is the trailhead for us basically. Every ride starts there and extends 1 mile to the actual trails.

Long story short, he was all the deposits and keeping the rent very low. Now rent may have to be higher and I might have to pay deposits.

At least the current fork still works well.

Road bike (the other thing I was considering) is totally out of the question.