Fork high speed/ low speed compression ?


Apr 6, 2002

Fork tuning questions: Anyone feel like taking a crack @ high speed and low speed compression settings and how they should work ?

Basics: What are they each for ?

When to turn them up or down (meaning:terrain.. DH vs trail...) ?

Trouble shooting: How do you know when you have them set properly ?


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Feb 12, 2003
Pleasant Hill, CA
gmac said:
How do you know when you have them set properly ?
It's like falling in love.. you just know.
Or so I've heard.

I'm just starting to figure this crap out, and am by no means an expert, but:

Low speed compression - I set mine way open, the wheel tracks the ground better especially over loose stuff. This is also the setting that affects pedaling and brake dive the most. If the LS is too open, it will bob when you climb and your fork will dive when you brake.

High speed compression - for bigger, harder hits. Like rocks. You want enough to keep from bottoming harshly, and still get all of the travel. If you have too little you will blow through the travel and get deflection. Too much and the ride will be overly harsh.

Rebound - depends on the rider. I used to run mine pretty slow. But speeding it up a bit keeps it from packing down over repetetive hits and the ride/traction is better overall. I've heard that some teams set theirs all the way fast, then dial it down a little each run untill it feels right.

Another factor is spring weight/sag.

Someday I'm gonna set up different test loops and experiment.


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Aug 23, 2002
Roanoke, VA
This is on a 40 or 36 right?
A simple rule of thumb is if you don't know how something works don't mess with it.

1. Set your sag (30-50mil depending on riding style and travel... 6-8" I'm assuming)

2. Set your rebound setting. Fast rebound settings are for sheep. With a Fox fork the sweet spot is usually withing 2 or 3 clicks either way from 6 clicks out from full slow. For me the rule of thumb is as slow as possible, so If the front wheel is skipping out from under me I take off a click of rebound until my fork is as slow as possible, while still tracking.

3. start with your compression settings all the way soft, add lo-speed to get rid of brake dive, and add more lo-speed for a faster smoother track to get a better pump.

4. Don't mess with the hi-speed unless you are getting a really harsh bottom on a particular section of track, and add one click until it is smooter.


Apr 6, 2002
LS: For brake dive and pedal bob.

HS: Only for bottoming/ blowing through travel too quick...

Rebound: I've always been a fast rebound guy. Didn't know I was being sheepish. I'll try the settings you suggested. I thought the idea was to keep the fork returning fast ready for the next hit. I'll try it.

Thanks for the help.