Fork replacement help?!?


Sep 1, 2005
i have a nishiki manitoba which came with a threaded RST fork, im trying to switch those shocks to rock shox indy sl but this fork is unthreaded and dont extend beyond the sterring tube on the frame. is there anyway i can remove the fork crown from the suspension and switch them so i can use the these rock shox on my nishiki
Apr 9, 2004
Mount Carmel,PA
NO, BITE THE BULLET AND BUY A NEW BIKE. The sheek was a great bike in it's time, but for what you will pay for a fork up grade you could get a new more up to date ride. harsh answer, but somone had to say it!!!


Turbo Monkey
Oct 5, 2004
Rochester N.Y.
its not the crown that is the problem its the headset...on a side note its worth getting a new bike. if the bike is old enough to have a threaded headset then it probably has a lot of other older parts and if you want to upgrade its always going to be a pain. if you wanted to put a new fork on you could try and find an old threaded one, or if you want a threadless one you will need a new headset and a new stem...definately not worth it in my opinion.