Fox 34 GRIP valving: E-bike vs Regular vs Pike Select? 150+ 27.5


Dec 3, 2008
Hey guys, I'm building an enderpo bike. I'm looking for a 160mm travel fork. Found a new (2019), dirt cheap Fox 34 with GRIP damper and 140mm travel. It is an E-bike version tho, with thicker stanchions and so on. Much heavier than the regular one (2100g~).

From what I have seen on Fox website, valving is way different on both compression and rebound. It fits only 32mm air shafts (due to thicker wall uppers). AFAIK I can only get it to 150mm...? I can live with that for that price...

Anyone have/ridden one? How does it compare in terms of stiffness to a 36? Is that valving any good? Regular seems to have much heavier valving.

I wanted a PIKE/Lyrik Ultimate, but hell, they are almost 3x the price of this 34. I can get a PIKE RC B3 (Select?) for about twice the price of E-34.

I've revalved OLDER (bladder style) Charger RC dampers, and people were pleased with the changes, not sure how the newest stuff (spring backed charger RC) compares to the older generations of charger.



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Apr 21, 2002
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Can't help with info on the Fox. I have a Boxxer Select with the current Charger RC damper, as well as two Lyriks with the Charger RC2.0 damper, with one of them running the Push HC97 compression assembly. I bought the Boxxer Select because I couldn't get the Ultimate in black in the US at the time and had planned to immediately upgrade to the RC2.1 damper, however so far I've found the current RC damper to be decent. The range of compression adjustment is a bit limited, but what it has feels good - decent small bump compliance and support with no obvious spiking. I still may upgrade it at some point, but it's low on the list at the moment.
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