Fox 40 r vs. rc2


Jul 31, 2004
Franken, Germany
would you recommend a Fox 40 R or RC2?
Is the fixed compression on der 40 R well adjusted for DH riding with 82 kg (no drops, hucking ..) or would you recommend the adjustable high- and lowspeed compression for fine tuning?

For the cost saving of the 40 r I can nearly by an Avy shock für my Dirtworks.
On my Dorado I have never touched the compression knob.

A Fox 40 R with an Avy shock for my Dirtworks Piranha would only cost ~ 50 - 60 $ more than a Fox 40 RC2 with a Ti spring for my Romic shock.
The Romic need a service and a new spring.

Sorry for my bad english. Had not time to check the writing.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 9, 2004
South Seattle
I don't know how much 82 kg is, but my fox is perfect for my 175# (with gear)
I have the RC2, but the preload is all the way out and I'm only running 1-2 clicks of compression. For me, the stock settings are very good.