Fox 40 vs 888 sl ata


Jul 19, 2007
Palm Desert, CA
Ok so, right now im in the process of finishing up my jamis diablo and looking for a new fork. I know that both these forks are kinda in two different categories but i just cant make up my mind on which one i want. If i got a 40 it would probably be a used 05 06 model if i got the marz it would be a new 07 model. I ride an equal amount of freeride and downhill. All the trails around me are walk up to ride down, and the closest ski lift for bikes is big bear (2 hours away) and as most of you know they dont allow DH specific bikes. But i talked to a few DHr's up there and they said most of them are converting to adjustable travel forks. Thats one of the reasons im leaning toward the 888 ata. Truthfully, however, i will be spending more time in mammoth this summer. In conclusion i would just like to know if the 07 888 will be worth it or a used 05/06 40 for 400 to 700 bucks would be the way to go. Sorry for the long post, just needed to explain what im goin thorugh hear.
thanx TJ