Fox MX Fork Help


Mar 2, 2004
I have a fork that was pulled off of a 1980 Husqvarna that is a Fox Factory Shox. It was taken off the bike a few years back, so it is in pieces and we are unsure of how to put it back together. It was taken apart to see why the rebound was completely shot, and it almost looks like there are two compression legs with no rebound circuit, but I could very well be wrong.

I have attached a picture of the fork on a different bike, and a bunch of pictures of the disassembled fork on the table.

Anybody know how to put this back together? And do I have two compression legs somehow?



May 16, 2005
Bend, OR
I used to help out in a moto suspension company but i never had to work on something quite like that, but, it looks as if the forks are already put togather for you. Just figure out where the clips go, clip everything in place, put the washers on and ad oil. I am guessing that they are oil and not air...i dont know so dont hold me to it. You might want to clean the parts too, cause it aint lookin to pretty. I am confused about your conpression problem though, cause i dont see a problem, your supposed to have compression on both sides. But once again, those forks are old school and i am not possotive about them. My advise to you would be to just trial and error them. put it togather the best you can, (after a good shower of brake cleaner) and see if it works, if not, take them apart and do it again. If you are in the seattle area, i could probably help you better. But good luck.