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    Nov 3, 2014
    Hi everyone,
    I have a fox van r shock and wanted to set sag correctly.
    because i did not knew what was the actual travel of the shock i took the coil off, placed the shock back in the bike, compressed it so i can calculate the travel of the shock. i got 80mm of travel.
    now that I have the travel I placed the spring back in the shock again.
    Now here comes the problem, i wanted to sit on the bike to set sag but the shock felt very stiff. I even had the feeling that it was blocked by something because i couldn't compress it like it normally has to.
    Have i done something that is forbidden ? like compressing the shock without the coil or over compressing it ?

    by the way it did also clean the shock with some WD-40 except for the shaft where i did not used any liquid or spray.
    I did also spin the under eylet multiple times (around the shaft axle). maybe this was not good.

    If someone has a idea of the issue that would be great.
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