Foxy !!!


Nam I am
Foxborough , Gilbert State forest ,

it was about 20 degrees and sunny forcast called for it to be windy but ifor the most part it was pretty calm. the crew today was Me , IF_rider , Berkshire_rider , CP, and Donny.

the Ground was frosen solid and clear of Most snow. I was the only one who had studded tires on, I could have lived with out tthem , but was glad I had them on.

we will start off with Berkshire_rider getting on a Skiiny Bridge

Log ride!

Donny on a Roller

IF_Rider Giving CP's ride a spin.

and we had been riding along and there were some puddles , they I tended to ride right through , well I guess I had gotten my rear derailer wet , bacause one of the Pulleys on my derailer froze solid and would not turn , with a cohersion we got it turning again.

Berkshire rider up a rock

DOnny launching a 3 foot drop, but he looks a little nose heavy

he was !

at this point we haveto high tail it out due to time constraints .

but it was a fun ride !!