frame bags


Detective Dookie
Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
I know there's a few people here that use them. Looking for something that fits in the main triangle behind the head tube. doesn't need to store much. phone, some snacks, keys. maybe a small sunscreen. top of the top tube isn't an option because brake line (exposed cable).

has anyone ever messed around with making their own? there's a local fabric store i could get some 840D nylon and get the fit specific. have a sewing machine and enough skills to make it look acceptable.


Nacho Libre
Mar 16, 2004
There's so many frame bag makers these days

Dirtbags and Atmosphere Mountainworks are two that come to mind quickly.

But you should totally make your own. You has sewing machine?


used an iron once
Jan 20, 2009
If you are going to do your own I suggest doing it the easy way and using edge binding on the outside edges, that way you can add a full length zipper really easily and everything is done right side out.
Only issue with doing that is if the edge binding rubs our thighs or something.

I got ambitious and went pith piping and a bag that varied in width, it was a dumb decision for someone with no sewing skills.
Or you could do this-

EDIT- TT brake cables would make that a no go.
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