Frame packs for LO


Oct 17, 2002
Thanks bro! That's some cool stuff. Perfect for mtbing, but I'm wondering if the frame pack would be just too much for the wind? The saddle bag looks good.

Before I drop the coin on something like that, I'm gonna try H8R's suggestion of packing and cmpression.


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Dec 25, 2003
Six Shooter Junction
Here's a list of what he was carrying.

I don't have a written list so I guess I could make one. CBaron at this point had a spreadsheet made. My kids are watching a video, so why not? I just sent Ton my list, just realize it is up for change (sleeping system especially).
Osprey Talon 22 pack with camelback bladder
homemade hammock with silnylon rain tarp
homemade supercat alcohol stove (google it) with an Ebit base
4 oz of denatured alcohol
1 plastic 8 oz sippy cup (weighs 1 once) from HEB (I like hot tea)
1 MSR ti kettle
Ti spork
homade aluminum wind screen from baking pan
Petzel Tikka headlamp
Western Mountaineering down pillow
REI sub kilo sleeping bag (I won't be using this for much longer though, I think)
matches (no Bic lighter for me anymore!)
1 waterbottle for gatorade mix (reusable)
1 Tube, patch kit, duct tape around seatpost, small med kit
multi-tool (will be replacing it with a leatherman micra)
small baggie of cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly (best fire starter EVER).
Brake pads.
rear blinkie
food (dehydrated food is lightest but can be expensive unless you DIY which I'm going to start toying with).
For clothes:
2 wool jerseys; 1 short sleeve smartwool and one long sleeved Arctyrex climbers shirt used as a jersey.
armwarmers/knee warmers
full Pearl Izumi leggings (I can't get rid of the knee warmers because I need the extra insulation on my knees to keep them working).
1 pair of shorts (ultra light nylon, thinking soccer shorts)
1 rain jacket (no rain pants)
1 set of gloves
one beanie (or balaclava)
2 pairs of wool socks
1 vest
Maybe 1 light wool pull over for camp or light down jacket, I'm undecided. Maybe neither.
light paperback book (currently, "Into the Wild" for the second time). I am a reader and won't give it up. Though I won't bring it for the CTR
I pod. Though I didn't even use it until the morning ride home. I just listened to the fire.
Emergency blanket (2 years old and still have used it).

This is what I'll be using for the CTR as well. The only thing missing is the maps which I'll carry in a map case on the handlebar. It's all subject to change but if I had to go ride it today, I'd be ok with the equipment. Since I'm "training" for it, I'm carrying a lot more for just an overnighter. You could get by with A LOT less for an overnighter but I want my body to get used to the weight. As for where I store what:
Front Handlebar bag:
hammock/sleeping bag, rear blinkie, headlight, emergency blanket
Rear seat bag:
whatever clothes I'm not wearing minus the jacket, pillow, stove or some food.
everything else which isn't much. The food takes up a large amount of space and weight. Oh well. I'm going to eat! I got rid of my Osprey Atmos 18 because the frame for it was digging into my shoulder blades. The Talon 22 is basically the exact same pack without the frame. I LOVE it and it cost the same as most camelbacks ($100). It has everything I need.
Feel free to be critical, I'm always up for ideas. Like I said before, I've spent less than 300 on everything. I either already owned it, or got it on sale or was given to me. I got the down bag for 35 bucks at an REI B-93 sale 6 years ago. Not bad.