Frames and suggestions


Aug 23, 2004
A few years ago I bought my first mountain bike. I have been putting better parts on it, and now I'm in the position where I really want to start trials. I have been practicing and have almost been ridng trials for a year. I can balance on my back wheel, I can pedal Kick, and stuff. I went to one competition, and I did pretty well, but I really want a trials frame. And my questions are how much does a frame help? Is there anyone selling a frame? And which fame should I get, or which ones are good for trials? I've been looking at Echo's The Planet X Zebdi, the Norco .853 Renylods or the Moment, and the evolve frames, also Brisa 26D or just the 26 because I'm on a budget. I herd that the evolves aren't that nice, and I wanted to know if anyone has an opinion. I just ordered a rigid fork opposed to my 2002 EXR and I'm getting a HS33. Anyone have anyting to tell me that would be great. Thanks, Mike.