free ride in charlotteville


Oct 23, 2005
I think the is a very very very large need for a freeride park in the charlottesville area. I think that it would be in the best intrest in the riders in this area to build on land close to the city. The growing free ride intrest is in people of a younger age that cant really make the commute to places like walnut creek. I am in riding distance of O hill and am currently beggining talks with the university about a free ride area.

also i am buling up some dirt jumpt at o hill..... they will prolly get taken down but they are there to hit if you want for right now

any ideas for the park email me at Bearmntpicnic@yahoo.com


Oct 23, 2005
C-Ville Rep yo
I agree with bearmntpicnic we need a freeride area neer C-ville. The place where the former park at Ohill was a great place. Anyone who is willing to help me and bearmnt talk to uva, would be welcome. As he said there still are some jumps ups there, that are nice, so come hit them. Hope to see some new free riders out there. The street stuf a uva is also good. I will be looking for freeriders riding around UVA.