Freecaster owns your Ma!


Nov 15, 2004

Fortwilliam WC coverage, and for anyone who has ever riden there, they will appreciate how fast the top guys are going, its astounding. DH and 4X footage is up, freecaster gets the finger out again!


Question is where abouts did Hill bend that crank???? Couldn't do much pedaling by the looks of things and if it happened higher then the infamous "Motorway" pedal fest, then he did super well to get within 10secs off 1st.

Edit: While your there check out the FMX( :rolleyes: ) section on Freecaster, the Pastrana interview although Red Bull propaganda ****e, is qutie good, i have so much respect for him, he is a supreme athlete with a level of skill and talent that would let him excell at any sport, that back flip into his swimming pool is cool.
How I would love to see him and Nico rip it up on the WRC scene, now that would be cool!


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Jan 19, 2005
North Carolina
great, I just spent the last 1/2 hour watching sweet videos of crazy dudes throwing down crazy moves. oh wait, there's nothing wrong with that...


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Dec 11, 2001
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Akula_7 said:

How I would love to see him and Nico rip it up on the WRC scene, now that would be cool!
Um....not really considering Nico is winning International B class races and getting some time behind the wheel in the A team cars...while Pastrana is getting his arse handed to him in US grade B class events which are a major step down in competition. I get DC shoes newsletter online weekly and he's eaten it and crashed out in most events this year. The owner of DC is actually a monster on the Rally circuit. Now that is Corporate balls! :thumb: