Freelap Review - RM Article for Monday, Nov 10.


My Nuts Are Flat
Apr 18, 2002
Towing the party line.
Racers of every type are continuously looking for every advantage they can get. From equipment, to training techniques to psychologists, they are willing to try it all to shed an extra 1/100th of a second. Downhill racing and MTB racing in general is one of the harder sports to quantify exactly how much time one is making or losing with these changes due to the many variables and sometimes unforgiving terrain.

One of the biggest advantages for serious MTB racers that has come along in recent memory is a simple timing system called Freelap.




Turbo Monkey
Jun 26, 2007
dont mind the slightly retarted people here in the diablo section.

he was just showing that freelap timing system had an article writen up on the 10th. maybe some people here would like to read up on the system a little bit more since it is on our home mountain. give him a break you have no idea who your talking to. transcend has alot to do with the downhill scene you should get on your knees and kiss his toes you punk.