FreeRide Bike Contest - Raleigh


Oct 11, 2003
Anybody interested in participating in or sponsoring a Freeride Bike Competition in Raleigh next April, check out the NC State FreeRide Bike Club website and drop us a line letting us know your interested.

We would like to welcome the names of many pros, so competition will be very tough. Check out the videos of pro freerider Joe Haley on the site, too.



Rump Junkie
May 18, 2003
after helping with, helping build, and riding in the Asheville Urban Sprawl Competition i think that there are a few things you should know. insurance is expensive, there has to be minimum of 500 dollars up for grabs for pros to actually show, and it is best to set it up as more of an urban event. i grew up in raleigh and have riden urban at ncsu this year and there is a lot of cool stuff but nothing that is compact enough for a comp. i think it might be better if you have like a travelling comp. a comp where evryone rides from place to place including the judges, people session it and are awarded on style and creativity.
everyone would get campus maps with labels that coincide with places in order that they will be hit. but then again were you planning on having it on campus at all?