Fresh Wisp Photos

Jun 24, 2008
Howdy all, just spent the last 48 hours uploading beautiful 12.3 megapixel shots onto my site at


Photos are available for purchase as digital files as well as prints, T-shirts, Mugs, etc. And just be advised, they all look gorgeous - it's an easy way to spend money getting a nice 8x10 or even larger when the photos look this good.

So if you didn't get the father's day gift you were expecting, or you're just looking for something to show off at work or at home - be sure to check out these photos.

Also if you're feeling helpful, I shoot bike stuff for fun but I'd love to enter the field as a full blown photojournalist, so any advice or hookups would be greatly appreciated.

All photos are created with solid technique and skill, I'm still working on learning photoshop at the moment.

So please check out the site, www.wnhphotography.com or just google Wisp mountain bike photos or something like that and a WNH : photos : Wisp Downhill ... link or whatever will pop up with a smug mug addy and that works too


Turbo Monkey
Jun 26, 2007
very nice pictures! i plan on buyin one of myself, usually dont do that, but it came out really good. are you done uploading all your pics?



Dec 28, 2006
Hey Will,
It's Casey Stein, we talked for a while during dual (I was the kid the video camera).
Great looking stuff, keep it up!
Jun 24, 2008
Savage- D300 (nikon) with 2 wireless sb800 strobes on tripods and a 17-55 f2.8 or 70-200 f2.8

Revolver- hit me up on facebook, William Hathaway. Don't be offended if I'm slow to respond though, traveling to Prague tomorrow and I'll be there for the next month. I'll have my laptop, but it'll be a few days to settle in