Front tire Nevegal or Minion?


Turbo Monkey
Aug 15, 2004
Los Angeles
Yeah I know there's been other tire threads, but it's those threads that have left me torn between the Nevegal 2.5 or Minion 2.7 up front. Price wise the Minion is more, but I'm only concerned with grip in the hard pack w/loose dirt on top SoCal dirt. I'll be using them for day to day DH. I'm a fan of Maxxis, but I'm willing to change.

So whats the best tire.


Jul 1, 2001
Littleton, CO
ChrisKring said:
The 2.7 Minion is avaliable in 40D currently. You can get a season out of one of those on the front and they still hook up good.
UH? I wish I could get a season out of a 40d, even a 1/4 of a season would be nice. I've never tried the nevegal but I've heard good things. Minion F's are the only tires I use around here, they are great for dry dusty trails. They are not the best for muddy conditions.