Fruita - Fall 08


Turbo Monkey
Jun 14, 2003
Denver, CO
My riding this season has been somewhat limited, so when my wife gave me the go-ahead to take a long weekend in Fruita, I jumped at the opportunity. My friends Jon, Charlie and I headed out Friday morning and arrived around noon. After setting up camp we headed over to the Kokopelli area and put in a few miles on Mary's Loop and Horsethief Bench.

The next day we headed over to the Lunch Loop area in Grand Junction for a slightly bigger ride. The plan was to ride up through the Lunch Loop area, ride the highway up to the top of the Ribbon trail then take that down and finish on Andy's Loop.

The Ribbon from about 2 miles away

We didn't have much time to ride on Sunday, so we headed over to the Bookcliff area and did a quick Prime Cut/Joe's Ridge/Kessel loop before heading home.