Fun with kitties


Friendly Neighborhood Pool Boy
Apr 23, 2002
Sand, CA
no, thats all real. know those people that do it...
no worries though...


Apr 29, 2004
Miami, FL
Jabuttri said:
if you tie a string around the cat it cant stand up
i tried it and it is hillarious
Actually they can stand up... they just don't like things around their body.

We have a cat that was an outdoor cat when he was young, but we've moved so many times (he is 3yrs old and has lived in 3 states) already that we don't feel safe letting him outside... so he gets walked.

His harness goes around his midsection, and when we first put it on he wouldn't stand up or walk... he just crawled across the floor. But now he is used to it and he can walk, run, and climbs trees (only as far as the leash lets him).