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Turbo Monkey
Aug 6, 2007
I got a kick out of this story

The first thing I gave up was exercise, but I was still overwhelmed and behind schedule. I needed more time, so I carefully examined my life: Obviously, we could not forgo food or clean underwear; my bathing routine was down to the bare minimum as it was; and I did the least amount of housework possible. I looked at my days from every possible angle. I agonized. And then, suddenly, it was clear — the only thing to cut back on was being nice to my husband. We have a good relationship, so I didn't keep my decision from him. I said, "Honey, I have so many things on my list. I have to stop being nice to you. It simply takes too much time and effort right now."


Oct 17, 2002
damn! How nice was she being that it took up so much time?!

If she does a BJ right, it could be done during a long TV commercial break.

Time is becoming more of an issue for us and since we used to work out together, I wanted that again. But she can't really ride at 7 months pregnant, walks around the block on ice concern me, we moved 15 minutes further from the gym... so we bought an elliptical trainer this weekend, cleaned out a large area of the basement, set up my bike trainer next to it and now we can exercise together again.