Get paid to build a pump track at Keystone July 30 - Aug. 1

Jun 25, 2007
Hey all,

We're building a pump track at Keystone this weekend -- it's a temporary track for a bike maker's dealer event -- and we need help in the shovel/rake/tamper department.

What: Shape, pack and ride a sweet little pump track

Where: Keystone (but not in the normal riding area)

When: We're placing dirt with machinery this Thursday, July 30. Shaping will begin Thursday afternoon. Friday is the main work day; with a good crew we'll be riding by evening. Saturday will be for fine-tuning and riding. Let's burn in those lines!

What you need: Tools. Shovel, rake, tamper, hoe, McLeod, etc. Your pump bike. Kung fu.

Required skills: Digging experience is appreciated but not required. The work is simple; you just need to be patient, detail oriented and durable. We will be pinning it.

Pay: $10 per hour (for digging, not riding :)

If you're interested, please email me at lee@leelikesbikes.com. Tell me about your availability and a bit about your experience.


-- Lee