Getting a new digital camera.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 26, 2003
So, last month or so i crashed into my Dad at Diablo, and broke his camera and his general attitude towards being a mt bike spectator. :sneaky:

Anyways, the camera broke and now we, or rather my Dad, is getting a new camera. Looking in the 500 dollar price range, and used is not a problem. Want a SLR and somthing with at least 8 mega pixels. My question is wich is easier to use? The nikon or the canon rebel. I will be using it most of the time, but its important that he can turn it on and not have to read the manual to take a picture. Has any one had good experiences when using Ebay to buy a digi?


Turbo Monkey
Dec 24, 2003
Mammoth Lakes, Ca
Get a canon but if you want anything w/ at least 8MP I hope you forgot the 1 before the 500, well not that much, but its gunna cost you at least 800 for a 8MP SLR. Canon digital rebal is good, but only 6.3MP and the XT has like 8 or something, but the XT also has a faster recycle rate.