GFF would be proud....

CrabJoe StretchPants

Reincarnated Crab Walking Head Spinning Bruce Dick
Nov 30, 2003
Groton, MA
Conversation I just had with the cougar in the office:

Me: I used to be a male stripper during college to help pay for books.
Cougar: What kind of mail did you strip? Letters, envelopes or big packages?
Me: You could say big packages were involved. *winks and walks away*

I had to share that. Here, let me get that for you:



boob hater
Jan 24, 2004
a true sporting effort.........but I actually was a stripper and carry a couple pics on the phone just to seal the deal.

hook line and sinker
The continued economic downturn has really put the hurt on my clients' pocketbooks. More often then not, we're getting offered payment in booze these days.

I'm going to start downgrading our choreography. Paying royalties to Basshunter is a bitch.