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Turbo Monkey
Jun 7, 2007
Warsaw :/
It is payday today and for some reason I got more than I expected. That rarely (never?) happens so it is a good day. Outside of that, still a metric ton of work to do. Hopefully I will reach my goal of sleeping 7h again on a regular basis.

Also non indexed old school road bike gear shifters are a pita if you like riding in headphones.


Turbo Monkey
Jun 30, 2004
Great ride yesterday morning.
Took the boat to a local island for a picnic, cocktails and swimming with friends.
Did a 1/2mi open water swim with my 9 and 6yo, those kids are fearless in the ocean.


triple nubby
Jan 7, 2011
hopkinton ma
interesting start to the week and it gives me the indication that the week will either be epic or suck. ill report back on that later, spent a bunch of time on my boat last week and working pretty much the full week then heading to windham to race bikes down hills.

CrabJoe StretchPants

Reincarnated Crab Walking Head Spinning Bruce Dick
Nov 30, 2003
Groton, MA
Woke up to a screaming baby. That is all.
Is the warranty up on it?

So Saturday I cleaned the Jeep all up and decided to give it one last drive before officially listing it for sale. Fast forward 30 minutes later, and I'm on the phone with AAA to get it flatbedded back home.

I was making sure the transfer case was still shifting in and out of 4WD properly (as it always had the 5 years I've owned the Jeep). I shift it in fine, but had a bitch of a time getting it out. Sure enough, about 10 miles from home I hear grinding and popping noises coming from right under me, and when I pull over see smoke coming from near the TC. Greaaaaaaat. HOWEVER....I get it home, pull the front DS off and see this. I'm hoping the CV was the only issue, and I didn't damage the TC by trying to shift in and out with the front DS all bound up. Going to change the fluid and check for metal shards.....fingers are crossed. The irony of selling this and getting an even more troublesome model Jeep. :rofl:



Molester of monkeys
Jun 8, 2007
Tied up in the basement
Morning. M'fest approaches. First step: Make sure cooler's in van.
Only 2.5 weeks!! I can't wait. :weee:

Got good rides in Saturday and Sunday. Saturday, we drove an hour to the trailhead, paid our park admission fee, got our bikes and gear unloaded, and it promptly began thundering. We checked the radar and saw two huge blobs of red heading for us. Okay, Mr. Weatherman, these were not supposed to arrive until late afternoon???? So we packed everything back up and went to have lunch while we waited it out. It all passed after an hour and a half with clear skies behind it, so we still got a nice ride in, in much cooler temps, to boot!!

Yesterday was hot & humid again, but we got a decent 15 mile ride in. Rode all the trails "backwards" for a change of pace.


Der hund ist laut und braun
Aug 22, 2001
Bend, Oregon
We went camping and mountain biking up by Mt Hood this weekend and had an awesome time as usual. Good rides, and nice weather. I floated the river yesterday and drank lots of adult beverages.


Mama Monkey
Oct 30, 2003
Dancin' over rocks n' roots!
Afternoon monkeys. Had a nice weekend with the family. Got in a good ride on Friday night (we were supposed to be taking it easy, but apparently I was "haulin" and one of the guys complained to Sq-Earl a little..LOL). Saturday we did some housework and it was the first night Alex slept in her crib (she's been sleeping in a cradle next to our bed, but she sleeps through the night now so crib it is). We also took Sydney to see Brave and then hit up the local fireworks show. Sunday we floated around in the pool, hung out with the neighbors and generally did nearly nothing! MTB ride tonight and it's nice and breezy so the bugs shouldn't be a nuisance!


unique white person
Sep 21, 2001
vinyl arrived in the mail....

sleep "dopesmoker"

uncle acid and the deadbeats "blood lust"


Enthusiastic Receiver of Reputation
Jun 16, 2010
Renton, WA
OY. Buffalo's stone STILL hasn't passed. I couldn't be home with him because I got written up last week and I need to be at work. This started last Sunday, so we're on day 9. Between that, 4 cases of flu, and spending all week roofing/waking up to force pills down my hubby's throat, and no reputation (;)) I'm not as happy as a skibunny can be... but hopefully we get more of that delicious sunshine here... it sure helps a LOT!!!!

Full Trucker

Frikkin newb!!!
Feb 26, 2003
G'morning. Overall: stoked, and overwhelmed this morning. Good thing this coffee is about to kick in!

It's a big/short week for me: after much deliberation I've made the decision that I'm headed to Reno, NV with Project Baja to help these guys: Desert Dingo Racing with their pit crew for the VORRA USA 500. Our original goal was to have OUR car ready for this race, but basically it just didn't happen. We're shooting to have the car done by the end of this month, testing August-Sept, racing Baja 1000 in November.

Pit crewing for this one is going to get us some serious desert racing knowledge that we're desperately in need of. The moar we get in to this project, the moar we've learned how much we don't know. So, getting to be part of a crew that knows what they're doing is a good first step for us, especially since our "second step" involves racing the biggest, baddest, longest, toughest desert race there is.

I also found out that I will possibly (probably, actually) be co-driving with them for the last leg of the race, making the deal all the sweeter.


Mar 31, 2004
Broomfield, CO
It's my birthday today. Damn I'm starting to feel old these days.

Went camping this weekend. Did a little bit of hiking and crawled through some caves. It was a good time.


unique white person
Sep 21, 2001
what color Blood Lust did you get?

did you get caught up in the insanity via Rise Above? or did you order via All That is Heavy?
blood lust was blue...ordered through some site called interpunk...link posted on uncle acids facebook.
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