~~~GMT for TUESDAY~~~


I give a shirt
Jan 17, 2006
da Burgh
it was a bit dicey coming in to work this morning... :monkeydance:

I played around on photoshop till midnight last night (and up at 5) I think I may hit a wall at somepoint today... so caffiene is def. in order...!

OH, here is a pic of the new TOP (better pic and parts listing to follow)

Have a good one MunKees


Trail Rat
Jul 8, 2002
Alamance County, NC
Good Morning!!

Thanks for kicking things off, brunge......I've been elbow deep in grease and sheared-off bolts on one of our machines since early this morning. I've finally made enough headway to know what parts I'm going to need, so it's off to the store to try and find something that will work good enough to get 'er back running again.

Nothing too eventful happening yesterday.....Colin and I hung out for a few hours until Justine got home. Grilled some prime rib for dinner and made a fantastic bowl of pico de guyo w/chips for an appetizer. I started taping off some plastic dust covering in our stairwell in preparation to refinish our steps. I have to replace three treads that are starting to break apart at the glue seam as well. That's gonna be a huge pain to get those suckers out--they've been in place for nearly 40 years!!

Y'all have a good morning....I gotta run to the hardware store for awhile.


Mama Monkey
Oct 30, 2003
Dancin' over rocks n' roots!
Morning everyone. Productive day for me today. I have already taught 2 lessons, gotten some laundry done and am well on my way to averaging my elementary grades. Not bad for a few hours work ;)


May 24, 2006
Nice day off yesterday. I went for a great ride, it was one of those rides that reminds you why you got into the sport in the first place.

Now on with the rest of the week. :plthumbsdown:


Ride till you puke!
Dec 10, 2002
Burlington, Connecticut
Morning - did some work on a bike last night. Screwed up trying to install new shifter cable in to an X7 trigger and messed everything up. UGH!

See Mechanics forum for thread - maybe someone can help me figure out how to put this thing back together properly. :help: