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Quo Fan

don't make me kick your ass
Morning monkeys!

Yesterday, I get to the jobsite, and hang around for a little while because 1) I got there early, and 2) they aren't ready to start yet. I get all set up, and they cut the asphalt, and then start to remove the asphalt. This is when they discover the road was originally concrete. So they strip off 3" of asphalt, and then stop. They now have to get a different saw blade to cut the concrete. Turns out, they won't be ready for me until next Wednesday. So I pack up and return to the office.

Today, I'm not sure what I'll be doing, but I know I'm starting in the office.

Be safe out there.


Sep 8, 2009

My arm/shoulder is still killing me from my crash on Sunday. Now some bruises are starting to show up and turning all sorts of funky colors. Need more pain killers!!! :eek:


Short One Marshmallow
Sep 7, 2006
French Alps
Parapenting yesterday evening taking shots for Morzine's Tourism Office for some aerial shots of hikers.

Good day's xc riding too. My legs are still a bit sore today...

About to take my daughter swimming.

Jim Mac

May 21, 2004
the middle east of NY
BMX track clinic last night with the young gun. He has a blast as did I, until I almost stacked it on a jump (still not used to cruiser geo, where the heck's my 68 degree HA?!?!). He rode gates twice with the instructor last night and is slowly overcoming his fear of the start gate/hill.


ass grabber
Sep 8, 2006
Central Florida
After watching yet another hurricane pass through, I have come to a conclusion. In the near future, when this house of cards economy collapses, you know what's really going to set people off? Not the loss of jobs, not the loss of government benefits, milk and bread. When the milk and bread ain't on the shelves, there will be armed madmen on the streets. Milk and bread equals security for Americans.


Molester of monkeys
Jun 8, 2007
Tied up in the basement
Well, my Cannondale RZ 120, less than 2 years old, is toast. The BB shell separated from the frame, so now I need to send it back to C-dale and see if they'll warranty the frame. Is there some sort of award for most broken bikes/parts in one year, because I think I've earned it. :(


bicycle in airplane hangar
Feb 2, 2007
Riding the baggage carousel.

Fair was fun, had too many corndogs. Run this morning was a major slog but I powered through. I think I got everything back up and working on the new computer, time to clean the office.

Full Trucker

Frikkin newb!!!
Feb 26, 2003
Mornin' all. I've got the P's in town, so riding has been at a lull. Did volunteer at the Golden start of the Pro Cycling Challenge over the weekend, that was pretty nifty. Looking forward to a sick 4-day trip to Crested Butte to do some BIG rides.

In other news, we've been without a crapper for over a week in my office... something about leaking and mold and whatnot. Anyways, the plumber is here plumbing today. Pretty psyched.

Good morning.

Gonna be a hot one today.
Go ride your bike, ya shiftless bum.