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I Are Baboon

Run, Forrest, Run!
Aug 6, 2001
MTB New England
Happy Monday, monkeys. :wave: Did everyone have a good weekend? We did a lot of riding. Got in a an MTB ride on Saturday. Sunday was a hard 66 mile road ride...lots of hills, temps in the 40's, and rain pretty much the entire time. I was happy when it ended. Splat joined us and hooked me up with two Troegs Nugget Nectars. :banana: Thanks, splat!!

Four day work week, with Fall Monkeyfest Friday to Sunday. This week is sure to drag.


Trail Rat
Jul 8, 2002
Alamance County, NC
Good Morning!!!

Well......for the first time in, oh I dunno.....18 years barring any vacation or holiday, I've gotten up on a Monday and not had to go to work. It's a weird feeling....but I can get used to it.

Most of the weekend was spent working on stuff around the house and slapping dirt piles into jumps at Nice Guy Mike's. The weather was awesome, and I wore myself out doing laps at the pumptrack on Sat. evening.

Gotta run.....I'm taking Colin by the Dr.'s to get checked out. He's been a little warm most of the weekend and kinda mopey. We're thinking he's got an ear infection. After that, I might go sling a little more dirt and try to ride if the jumps have dried out enough.

Y'all have a great day! :rockout:


Turbo Monkey
morning monkeys.

well after 2 weeks off the bike...1 week due to a sprained ankle while attempting a climb and then 1 week off due to a cold that kicked my *ss...i finally felt well enough to hit the trails again. 2 weeks off doesn't seem like a lot until you get back on the bike. then it can seem like a lifetime. the cold hurt my riding far more than the sprain. my endurance sucked. but it felt good to get out there again...challenging myself.

i've decided no more group rides until i improve. all my more colorful crashes/injuries have come out of an evening group ride. i think i put too much pressure on myself to keep up or to try stuff others are easily getting through. so while the weather and light run down...i'm gonna just ride casually. with friends. but more one on one so i can get some riding time back and some confidence back.

there's always next year to try the gorge climb again...until then i'll be happy to just ride without being completely shortwinded. (guess i'll be doing some paved riding as well)

well everyone have a great monday.
Jan 21, 2006
Boone, NC
Morning RM

It was a musical weekend for me. Had marching band friday night for our homecoming football game, then had a competition saturday night which we didn't get home from until 1 30 in the morning :plthumbsdown: . Then Sunday I had an audition for a UNC youth wind ensemble, I auditioned on bari sax. Won't find out if I make it until later this month, but it's not really bothering me.


Turbo Monkey
Aug 6, 2007
Morning Everyone!

I spent the weekend racing cross in the mud, and had a lot of fun. I spent most of Sunday falling down and rolling around in mud :biggrin: I had a job interview last week and I made the second round cut, which happened on Friday...they said they would make a decision this week, so I'm looking forward to hearing from them. Damn, now I have to get ready for work :(


Nam I am
Morning .

Wearing my Ride Monkey Socks right now :banana:

good weekend. didn't do much on Saturday , yesterday did a 66 MIle rie with IAB and MBC, was a nice route but the weather sucked.

the ride in today was a bit chilly but at least it was DRY !!!

4 day work week for me too.


the teste
Nov 22, 2002
My MTB is out of commission so I was relegated to the road this weekend. Put in some good miles. Other than riding from sun up to sun down I spent the weekend working on my front porch. Cleaning it up for paint an replacing rotten boards. I was so physically spent Sunday night I could barely move.


My name is Nick
Sep 21, 2001
behind you, don't wait up.
Good morning...

Nice weekend all-in-all. Saturday brought a morning road ride, followed by a few hours of polishing and waxing my car and watching the Cubs implode in game 3. :disgust:

Sunday: great trail ride followed by some good football.

Have a good one!


Turbo Monkey
Aug 10, 2005
Med. to Well-Done in Phx
Good morning,

At least I had a great weekend in Show Low for the Tour of the White Mountains. The event was harsh at best as those who didn't beat the rain to the finish line found out. One friend who was in our group rode the 60 (actually 67) mile event on his single speed and got in at about 7 hours 15 minutes. He remarked that a lot of the rock gardens were expert technical and quite lengthy. Another who was not far behind got stuck in the rain and wound up back at the cabin about 7:30 PM after being picked up by search and rescue. His 29er was a solid 70 lb. mudball. He had to bail out 2.5 miles from the finish. Apparently there was quite a bit of expensive equipment left out on the trail overnight because the bikes were packed too solid with mud for the riders to carry and and they were forced to walk out.

I had a much better go of it. Not riding, I stayed at the cabin and cooked for the group of 13 the entire weekend. Pasta on Friday night, BBQ chicken and steak Saturday night, steak and egg burritos Sunday morning so no one left hungry. The cabin we stayed at was actually a large newer house and the accommodations were excellent.


Mar 31, 2006
Guten Morgen Affen.

Trailwork on Saturday, and a duathalon yesterday makes for a tired me on Monday morning.

Saturday we spent some time with the Army Corps of Engineers repairing some moto damage on some multi-use trails nearby.

Sunday I competed as a team in a duathalon with a runner friend of mine. We finished third team overall and second in our class. Cleared out under the deck and started stacking 3 cords of firewood.


Rex Grossman Will Rise Again
Jul 4, 2002
Limnology midterm today
Fish taxonomy midterm tomorrow
Stream Invert midterm wednesday


ease dropper
Jun 19, 2005
morning...i went to a car show this weekend...i didn't win any awards, but i did see some cool cars and trucks. i've been meaning to post pics, i just haven't gotten around to it yet


I give a shirt
Jan 17, 2006
da Burgh

Spent friday and Saturday prepping for our First Anual Oktoberfest Party!

Saturday night was a blast as friends and family hung out and drank much beer and some choice booze.

Sunday morning cleanup and Sunday afternoon nursing the hangover while watching some football and playing with the girls. I think Bek was worse off than me, and she convinced me to run out and get her some super greasy fast food to help "cure" her of her hangover. This reminds me Long John Silvers SUCKS! that is all.

OH, and I spent some time scoping the woods outback for some DJ lines. as well.

have a good one!


M.N.F. Beer Wench
Nov 21, 2005
North Carolina
They better win tonight or they're in touble.

I don't look forward to another late one, but hopefully it ends better than last night (which I think Lester can accomplish).

In other sports news, my fantasy team is up 40 points going into MNF. Go Meachem (Saints)! My opponent has Peterson and Longwell (K), so hopefully they, particularly the former, don't open up too big.

Go Sox! Go TeamFun! :weee:


Mama Monkey
Oct 30, 2003
Dancin' over rocks n' roots!
Morning all. REALLY busy weekend for me. One of my sisters got married on Saturday and I was in the wedding, Syd was in the wedding, we made the cake and Sq-Earl was their driver. Our company arrived on Thursday and left last night so we have been rather busy and haven't gotten any time to ride :( Hopefully it will stop raining and I can get out at some point this week.


I'm Mr. Negative! I Fail!
Aug 2, 2008
Im over here now
i hate monday's in my office cubicle of death.

the Delta House Racing crew finished up the Gravity East finals course at Plattekill.
should be a awesome event next weekend and great freeriding too of course.
Sep 19, 2008
Central Alamance County
Whats up ya'll. Worked all weekend on the pump track. Finally got it connected and working. Still needs some tweaks but thats it. Gonna try and get the lights strung tonight for a evening session on Wed. The XXX line Hound is re-working will be hotness, large and in charge. I'm thinking about building several more lines and opening M-land up as a pay to ride facility complete with proshop, most of it is lighted now. Maybe write a business plan first and get some of that government money they seem to give so freely now!
Sep 19, 2008
Central Alamance County
Greyhound does have quite the imagination but I am a real person. Met Greyhound on the TMTB site and as we both reside in Alamance Cty it only made sense for us to build trails. Hound is quite the earth moving machine. He also has mad skillz with a hatchet and cedar. The M-land trails are really getting right. We have lights on the main line for 500' and will have the pump track and XXX line lighted this week. Any of you guys local? Come check it out.:banana: