goals for life.


Harbinger of Doom
Oct 23, 2001
[this was inspired by the dream job thread.]

short and sweet, audience participation requested:

what do you want out of life, or, alternatively, what do you want to do or learn before you die? yes, this is open ended.

my goals:

- settle down with the girl in Portland, Oregon, hopefully after doing a radiology residency there in town
- learn to fly a plane, get instrument rated, and thus avoid commercial airports as much as possible. also in this vein: weld, fly helicopters, compose more music
- make sure that my parents are set for retirement
- have enough free time and excess money to follow my hobby-type whims, eat good Thai food, and not worry
- sail around the world with my dad on a big sloop
- explore New Zealand and see if it really is the place of my dreams, or simply an alternative to the reality of the world immediately around me
- to actually make progress on my reading list
- to continue to have a sense of engagement with and wonder about the world just as when i saw a shinkansen for the first time when 5, whether expressed through scientific publications, clear-headedness when in the woods on a fine day, or even through my ongoing fascination with the car market



Rex Grossman Will Rise Again
Jul 4, 2002
- shag a black midget nun

edit: besides that:

- get my MS
- own a small farm
- father some respectable offspring
- keep my wife
- die with dignity


Oct 17, 2002
I have one goal: NEVER stop appreciating people in my life for even one moment since life is so short -- I've lost several family members and as I become a father, I miss mine even more.

I figure everything else will fall in place.

Red Rabbit

Picky Pooper
Jan 27, 2007
Earn a BA
Live on a mountain or near the wilderness
Ride my bike for as long as I can
Learn, always learn.
Marry a wonderful woman
Own a home
Have enough money in my IRA to be able to retire and not worry about making ends meet.
Love my parents
Continue to be good friends with my sister.

Most important, get a vasectomy when I turn 21.

Red Rabbit

Picky Pooper
Jan 27, 2007

Someone knows himself very well.
I don't want to responsible for a child.

I look at my parents photo albums before I came along. They raced hobi cats, road quads at Pismo beach, jets skiing, went on exciting and fun vacations around the world.

Then it stops, their albums are filled with pictures of me. I don't ever want the party to stop.

My sister wants kids, so I can be the cool uncle. But i never want to undertake the task of raising a child.

(BTW, I understand full well that raising a child can be the best moments of your life. I am so happy wonderful people like Opie, H8R, Treesaw ect. are having kids.)

skinny mike

Turbo Monkey
Jan 24, 2005
-graduate with a ba in film and television studies
-travel/be a ski bum for a few years
-get a job that i enjoy that i can make enough money to support my hobbies
-travel as much as i possibly can until the day i die
-be happy
-eventually move to a place where i don't need to own a car(or at the very least i will only need to use my car once or twice a week)

not too sure on the whole wife/kids thing at this point, i've always been one who enjoys flying solo.

edit: i forgot one...


The Spooninator
Mar 28, 2004
Get my masters in Psych, maybe even a PhD if I decided I don't know enough...
Travel the world. No specific place, just go EVERYWHERE.
I want to be able to make my parents not have to worry about money.
Live in a decent house in the mountains.
and I want to snowboard on at least 3 different continents


Turbo Monkey
Jun 30, 2004
I rarely plan more than 12 months out (I find life way too fluid to place artificial restrictions on it) but I'm tenacious at achieving what I want. At this point, I just want to keep the dream alive.

- be an exceptional father to my two boys
- Stay with my wife for at least another 18 years
- continue to travel extensively and expand my kids' world views
- Remain self-employed and use my business to improve my family's
and employees lives
- Foster an armed revolt if gas/diesel ever reaches $20/g ;)


Nov 13, 2007
I have one goal: NEVER stop appreciating people in my life for even one moment since life is so short -- I've lost several family members and as I become a father, I miss mine even more.

I figure everything else will fall in place.
I don't think I could have said it better. At the end of day the worlds a' made of people, so that's really all that matters.


ease dropper
Jun 19, 2005
i'm one of those people that likes to plan ahead...this is what i've got, not necessarily in any order

-start downhill racing
-finish school
-get a job in an engineering firm, save up as much money as possible
-join the peace corp...3 years away, when my friends get out of the army
-find a girl either after the peace corp or one thats willing to go with me

after all thats done
-go sky diving
-get my pilots licenses
-travel to other countries

Lady Gravity

Jul 1, 2004
Mtnbike Mecca
- get out of debt
- own a house (not overly important however, given the debt thing)
- live long enough to see my kids get married and have kids (but only if they want)
- travel
- possibly have a guy in my life again, but not overly important given that i really enjoying being single
- be able to ride my bike forever
- enjoy good health

oh and
WIN THE LOTTO so i can quit my job haha


Chelsea from Seattle
Apr 28, 2007
-Get an engineering degree.
-Find a career doing somthing I like. Making a ton of money isn't important.
-Keep riding.
-Get married.
-Have fun.


May 17, 2005
yeti cave@the beach
-finish my mech. eng. degree
-find my way in to some cool job
-get a big ass clumsy dog
-a house with a nice pump track
-job security to have enough money to do insecure things with cool toys.
-a nice wife, and 1 or 2 kids


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country
  • finish school and get an AA in photography
  • race a lot this year
  • make enough money with photography
  • find a girl that does DH, eventually marry (hard to find, yes...but well worth it)
  • have a house near the mountains eventually